About Us

"We alone determine the quality of our lives through the things

with which we fill it day by day."

About Us

Behind the name "Franziska Kaiser" there is more than just a manufacturer of designer goods and leather goods - it stands for a lifestyle characterized by passion, quality, enjoyment and authenticity. Inspired by the personal path of the founder, who developed her enthusiasm for handicrafts from an early age.

Franziska discovered her passion for leather as a material while studying at the University of Design in Pforzheim and has since taught herself the art of fine bag making. She attaches great importance to the best possible workmanship and respect for the valuable raw material leather.

But the search for answers to life's deep questions and curiosity not only lead Franziska to travel around the globe, but above all also inwardly, to herself. This journey is the designer's main motivation and inspiration and her work is her catalyst to process all that she has experienced.

Every piece by Franziska Kaiser is unique, reflecting all of her knowledge and her desire to create something unique. Discover the world of Franziska Kaiser now and be inspired by high-quality design goods and leather goods.