Our responsibility towards nature

All of the products you find with us are made in our leather factory in Stuttgart or in the mobile camper workshop on our travels through Europe. In this way, we actively avoid wasting valuable resources through overproduction. Each individual piece is carefully handcrafted and represents a high level of quality and craftsmanship.

We source the leather that we use for our bags from traditional companies in Germany and Italy. Here we not only value the quality of the raw materials, but also the best possible care of the animals. Finding the right balance is sometimes a real challenge, as species-appropriate husbandry does not necessarily provide the raw material for the (visually) best leather. This often results in additional production effort and therefore a higher price. But our values ​​are also reflected here: when in doubt, we always choose the material that is more sustainable in the long term .

All of this is ultimately the basis for a long-lasting product. If this is not correct or if savings are made for the wrong reasons, the best workmanship and handling will be of no use.

We mainly source the fabrics for our clothing from traditional fabric shops on our travels - there is simply no substitute for the experience of taking a fabric into your own hands and feeling its feel. The same applies to the smell and feel of leather.


Sustainability can therefore not only be controlled through the materials used or the quality of production, but also through the customer's appreciation.

Consider your latest favorite piece not only as an investment in yourself and the expression of your individual style, but also as an investment in the well-being of those around you and nature.

Each of us is responsible for creating a better future through our behavior - we, through our corporate management, and you, through your purchasing behavior.