True values

Luxury products may be controversial because one might ask the question "Who actually needs this?". However, the same question can also be applied to fashion and trends.

Expensive investments, whether in cars, real estate or clothing, are always one thing - investments. We would never treat an investment negligently or not put at least a little effort into maintaining it because we know how much it cost us to purchase.

The true value of a product lies not in its price, but in its durability, the expertise and craftsmanship in its manufacture, and the love for the material itself.

Leather bag made of caramel-colored cowhide. The special feature of the bag is the elaborately artistically stitched bottom.

Our products are expensive - and that's a good thing!

An aesthetically well thought-out product that is designed to last and is manufactured to a high quality must inevitably have its price, otherwise the calculation will not add up somewhere. In most cases, two people in particular suffer from this - nature and the people who make the products.

Our leather goods are so well made that, if handled and cared for correctly, you will be able to enjoy them for a lifetime. That's good for you, but in turn it means fewer sales for us.

From a business perspective, this may not be the best business model, but it is the only right thing for the environment and our spiritual well-being. We find it terrible that these days you can set the clock according to the half-life of your smartphone, funnily enough, exactly when a new product comes onto the market, and we want to go back to Grandma's standard. When a washing machine could easily last twenty years. This is not only good for your wallet, but for all of us.

Longer purchase intervals mean less raw material consumption, fewer transport routes, less traffic jams, less packaging waste, a decelerated design process - which makes truly innovative product development possible and decelerated production - which enables higher quality production.

At second glance, luxury products are more than just status symbols. They are more sustainable than impersonal impulse purchases because you really think about whether you buy or not and you are more focused on your own, timeless style and less on fleeting trends. You don't buy a jacket for a thousand euros just to give it away next year. These are investments for life. And if you handle it carefully, you will even invest in the generation after you.